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body contouring Treatment: Body by BTL: CELLUTONE ™

body contouring

Body By BTL: Cellutone™

Are you one of the many adults that complain diet and or exercise have failed you in losing a few inches? Maybe you’re frustrated with skin laxity, skin tone and or textural irregularities?

Say goodbye to lumps and bumps and hello to smooth, tight skin. With Cellutone™, therapeutic vibrations provide noninvasive fat reduction and skin tightening, leaving you with improved texture on your stomach, thighs and buttocks.

say goodbye to your cellulite

what to expect

The CELLUTONE™ provides a safe and effective treatment that can work wonders comfortably, with no downtime. The treatment itself can be performed in less than 10 minutes and is pain-free. Patients report a vibration-like sensation during treatment with results immediately after when used in conjunction with another body shaping procedure.

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how CELLUTONE™ works

CELLUTONE ™ is a noninvasive treatment that harnesses the energy of targeted vibrations to increase lymphatic drainage, waste elimination and blood flow, resulting in improved skin texture.

As a result of the increased lymphatic drainage, CELLUTONE™ treatments can be performed to speed up the healing process of other procedures such as rhytidectomy and liposuction. CELLUTONE™ can also stand on its own to deliver visibly tighter skin in as little as one treatment.

what CELLUTONE™ treats

CELLUTONE™ enhances the results of other treatments that target excess fat and cellulite. It can be used alone as a series of treatments to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage to smooth skin texture. Whether used in conjunction with another treatment or on its own, CELLUTONE™ reduces the appearance of cellulite by firming and smoothing skin.

CELLUTONE™ treatments are safe for patients of all ages and skin types who are undergoing a non-invasive
body shaping and or tightening procedure and want a quicker and enhanced result. This is also an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.

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body contouring BLT Exilis

body contouring


Do you desire an ultra tight, ultra toned body? With EXILIS ULTRA™, you can shrink fat cells while stimulating collagen production in a comfortable, non-invasive procedure. After just a few treatments, you’ll not only look years younger, but like you’ve spent months in the gym.

ultra possibilities… ultra results

what to expect

The EXILIS ULTRA™ delivers radio-frequency and ultrasound energy to precisely target, tighten and tone your superficial or deep troubled area. The procedure is often compared to a comfortable hot stone massage. As the EXILIS ULTRA™ glides over the skin, patients feel a warming sensation as the energy penetrates the skin, shrinking fat cells and stimulating collagen production.

Because the treatment is non-invasive, there is no downtime and the usually only takes about 20 minutes. In just weeks you’ll have visibly younger and tighter skin. Save

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how EXILIS ULTRA™ works

EXILIS ULTRA™ uses patented energy flow control technology to combine radio frequency and ultrasound energy to non-surgically tighten and tone skin. The ultrasound technology allows us the flexibility to treat any problem area while also controlling the amount of energy focused on one area, making this an effective and safe solution for anybody looking to tone their body.

Heat from the EXILIS ULTRA™ penetrates the skin, shrinking fat cells and simulating collage production, so you’ll experience tighter skin with less wrinkles and cellulite in just a few 20-minute treatments. The device also contains a cooling tip that continues to shrink fast cells while simultaneously preventing surface damage to your skin.

what EXILIS ULTRA™ treats

Whether you are experiencing visible signs of aging around your eyes and neck or have loose skin in your arms and stomach, the EXILIS ULTRA™ is the best non-surgical option for improving the tightness of your skin. The combination of radio frequency and ultrasound technology affords us the flexibility to treat skin on any part of the body including the face.

The energy can be controlled to fine-tune results on various body areas including: Arms, Hands, Face, Lips, Eyes, Neck, Core, Legs, Thighs, and Buttocks

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